Some Highlights Of Using an HCFA CMS 1500 Form

There are several docs that you need to file at a medical billing facility

They can end up extremely difficult to decipher. The CMS 1500 is definitely the most essential document for requesting insurance repayments. Starting off, the document was labelled the HCFA 1500, but has since been named CMS 1500. The name was derived from the Center of Medicare & Medicaid. Generally, this is the form necessary for payment requests from State Medicaid Agencies.


Surgeries typically require insurance filings via the CMS 1500

Surgeries typically require insurance filings via the CMS 1500

This usual doc is used in claims requests by suppliers and/or non-hospital establishments

These forms have to be forwarded in less than a year from the date of service.  Since the form contains a specific type of ink, you can’t just download or photo-copy it. The tech used to scan the filled out docs at payer’s end is classified as OCR – or Optical Character Recognition. Almost all the time, if the ink is inferior quality on the form, scanning difficulties pop up. Getting your forms filed without errors necessitates using the exact document – ink specification – and the necessary information.


Patients usually use medical insurance for most procedures.

Patients usually use medical insurance for most procedures.

Two keys to ensuring your submissions don’t return denied

First use only the most current doc. And make sure the ink is exactly what is required. If you forget these guidelines, delayed disbursements are almost sure to result. If you wait excessively to file the right document, you probably won’t be reimbursed for your services. The point here is – when using this form, you should get it from a reliable provider. This will ensure on-time insurance payments, keeping your cash-flow where it should be.

Thanks for reading this article. Please share any thoughts in the comments box below. For those managing a doctor’s office, and filing patient claims, is running a special on the cms 1500 version 02/12 at the moment. Personally, I prefer to purchase cms 1500 02/12 forms for my practice from a manufacture (like they are), instead of a re-seller who doesn’t guarantee their product. Even if you prefer using software to file your claims, they offer software for that as well.

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